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architecture doc updates

Aug 7, 2012 at 8:26 PM


1) This has to be an HTML or PDF. Like in my case, I could not see some diagrams, due to different version of word. This is required change to make it HTML.

2) In the feature list table, we need another column for 'default' settings. What is the default value, when it's downloaded?

3) Need a column for min,max settings. Like for table creation min rows/cloumns is 1. Max is ?
We can make a note how to change the min/max settings in 'one' file and that has to propagate all the way across and down. Is this how it is implemented?

3) Another column for 'features' supported. We have no schema implementation, yet (it says 'can'), for automatic email notification. Does this mean, we don't have an API or no
implementation or both? We need a column, which clearly says, what is supported and what is not in this release.

4) Another HTML we need is list of tasks we need for the community to work on. I can think of testing. Need a lot of testing. Gopi has a major change requirements.
We also need minor change requirements.  We can call this "maxblox_enhancements.html".

5) need list of API's and it's members and objects. If it calls another API, we can say "also refer create_report_custom() and modify_report_custom()", which will
give an idea, how many changes are required. This can be a seperate HTML.

Aug 8, 2012 at 10:29 AM

Uploaded the initial version under the documentation tab.